How do I Donate Online


Click this link or the above button to visit the donations site.

You are now in a secure site. You can safely proceed with your donation.

If you have completed entering your donations click ‘Pay Now’

The screen now shows your choices and the total being donated.

Click on the box; ‘I agree with the terms and condition’.

Click on Proceed.

If this is your first time making a donation on-line you will be asked to ‘Sign Up’. Click where it says ‘Sign Up’.

The screen title is now ‘Account Information’.

Here you will be asked your name, address etc. You will be asked to create a password and you must have your email address ready.

Once all the required information is entered click on ‘Register’

You will be asked next about saving your password. Select ‘Not now’.

You will now be asked to enter Debit or Credit Card details.

Once this is done click once only on ‘Pay Now’

How Can The Parish get the Tax Relief

The Church of the Assumption Dalkey and the Arch-Diocese of Dublin are referred to as approved bodies and, as approved bodies, can claim 31% tax relief for donations of €250 or more.. The donor has to supply the approved body with the required information to allow the approved body to claim the tax relief on the donation. 

The donor, making a once-off donation, to either the Parish and/or The Arch-Diocese must complete a CHY4 Cert and send it to the Parish Office.  

The donor making a recurring donation, to either the Parish and/or The Arch-Diocese, for the next 5 years must complete a CHY3-Enduring Certificate and send it to the Parish Office. 

Both certs can be downloaded from the internet or can be posted out or collected from the Dalkey Parish Ofice. Post or leave in your completed forms to the Dalkey Parish Office. Your forms will be checked by the Parish Secretary. Once the form has been approved it is sent to Revenue. 


If you require help or reassurance, then Caitriona in the Dalkey Parish Office is only too willing to help. Caitriona can be contacted at 2859418. 

Office Hours:Mon—Fri  9.30am—12.30am Email: